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Accreditation Management

We streamline data collection, analytics, and reporting to help you tell your story at any point along your path to accreditation.

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On-Demand Reports & Analytics

The ability to generate customized reports on demand gives you immediate access to more relevant data that’s easier to analyze.

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Experiential Learning Support

Managing student placements, internships, and onsite assessments for clinical practice and field experience is easier.

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Assessment & Planning

Our assessment, planning, and curriculum mapping tools help you close the loop on student learning and institutional effectiveness.

Community Highlights

We’re building our future and our community around what’s important in yours.


Field Experience Transformation: From Pitfalls to Prosperity

Alma College shares how managing field experiences in Tk20 helped them put decades of paper-based processes to rest.

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Managing Assessment Data & Validating Meaningful Change

Arapahoe Community College shares how they've used Tk20 to establish a comprehensive institutional assessment model that's cohesive, user-friendly, and sustainable.

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Survey Says: Tips For Planning Your Next Survey

Consider these 8 tips when planning your next survey on indirect assessments.

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Featured Case Studies

Institutions around the world rely on Tk20 solutions for assessment and accreditation.

A.T. Still Health Sciences “Universitizing” Assessment Across Programs in Multiple Locations

A.T. Still University transitions from managing information in silos across programs on two campuses, to a comprehensive Tk20 solution university-wide.

CACREP Accreditation: Evidence & Documentation in Tk20

University of West Georgia prepares for CACREP accreditation using Tk20 for curriculum mapping, clinical documentation, and student progress assessments.

Utilizing Tk20 for Programmatic Assessment & Third Party Accreditation

Crowder College relies on Tk20 to manage field experience, assess student learning, and document clinical evaluations for programmatic accreditation.

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See for yourself how Tk20 solutions help administrators, faculty, and students at colleges and universities around the globe.

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